First Fiction
Written by Rich Triblets
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 05:47

As one of New York’s leading literary agencies, The Literary Group International is experienced in successfully placing new authors with major publishers. First Fiction is designed for the new novelist, with tips and information on procuring an agent, pitching a manuscript and preparing a novel for publication. The trip between the written page and the publisher’s desk can often feel unchartered for first time writers. The Literary Group International welcomes the opportunity to read distinguished new voices. First Fiction is designed to offer clarification on the art of selling your novel from one of the best agencies in the industry.

Founded in 1986 by Frank Weimann, The Literary Group International celebrates its renowned reputation as one of the premier literary agencies in the book publishing industry and represents more than two hundred authors worldwide. Its prestigious client list includes Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, celebrities, investigative reporters, public figures and both experienced and new novelists. From its moment of inception, The Literary Group International became the home of bestselling authors with the October 1987 debut of its first book on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list. Over the past six years, we have represented more than forty-six bestsellers.