William J. Buchanan

William J. Buchanan served as an adjunct professor of Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico for eight years. He was the author of number books, including A Shining Season (University of New Mexico Press), Diablo: The Devil Steer (University of New Mexico Press), One Last Time (Flare), Running Toward the Light (University of New Mexico Press) and The Senator and the Sin Eater (University of New Mexico Press) with Tony Hillerman, three of which were made into films. His book, Execution Eve (New Horizon Press), a reconstruction of the events surrounding the trial and execution of the three men convicted of golf star Marion Miley’s murder, was recently optioned by Fun Bunch Inc. Execution Eve was reviewed in more than 166 newspapers, including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

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Execution Eve

by William J. Buchanan

Execution Eve has been optioned by Fun Bunch Inc. to be produced as a feature film.

In a story reminiscent of Dead Man Walking, the brutal murder of professional golf star Marion Miley and her mother enraged the nation. People were finally quieted when three men were arrested, tried and convicted. But on the night of their scheduled execution, the warden, "hang 'em high" lawman Jesse Buchanan is unsure of one prisoner's guilt. His actions would change his life forever and alter the course of capital punishment in America.

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