Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson, also known as "Tyrese", is an American R&B singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, former fashion model and MTV VJ. After releasing several albums, he transitioned into films, with lead roles in several Hollywood movies. Tyrese was born and raised in Watts, California. His career began when he won a talent show at the age of fourteen. An appearance in a 1995 Coca-Cola advertisement, singing the phrase "Always Coca-Cola", led to his recognition as a star.

Tyrese is currently working on several movie projects as well as the launch and promotion of his graphic novel, Mayhem.

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

How to Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson by Tyrese Gibson

New York Times Bestseller

Actor, singer, songwriter Tyrese Gibson crafts a memoir filled with every emotion and life experience one could possibly imagine. With personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his extremely popular blog piece, "The Love Circle", Tyrese hopes to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and not let life's obstacles stand in the way.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way is organized into a series of fundamental questions that helped Tyrese redefine who he was as a human being, and evolve into a new man. Tyrese stresses that life becomes infinitely richer when one takes the time to know him or herself and understand the true meaning of peace and fulfillment. This book is a guide to helping yourself, using his experiences as a learning tool. "It's not about talking down to people, it's about elevating them," Tyrese says.

Some of Tyrese's chapter-based questions include: How much do you love yourself? How much do you want for yourself? Why do men cheat? What is your bottom line? Are you ready for the next level?

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