Tony Hays

Tony Hays has lived the lives of many of his fictional characters, almost literally "tinker, tailor, soldier, spy". His two earlier historical mysteries, Murder on the Twelfth Night (Bell Buckle Press) and Murder in the Latin Quarter (Iris Press), both earned critical accolades, including a nomination for the Tennessee Volunteer Book Award for Murder on the Twelfth Night. His short fiction has been published in literary journals across the U.S. and Japan. Hays' articles on drug trafficking won his local newspaper the 2000 Public Service Award from the Tennessee Press Association.

While working on a sequel to The Killing Way, Tony has also been putting the finishing touches on an annotated edition of the nineteenth century book, An Authenticated History of the Famous Bell Witch, the book which served as the inspiration for the film The Blair Witch Project and the more recent An American Haunting. The Killing Way was published by Tor/Forge. Also soon to be published by Tor are The Beloved Dead and The Family Secret.

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The Stolen Bride

The Stolen Brideby Tony Hays

Malgwyn ap Cuneglas is counselor to Arthur, High King of the Britons. When he accompanies his liege to the West to broker a deal between warring tribes they come across a scene of utmost depravity and murder to sicken even the most battle-hardened warrior. Things don’t get any better when they finally arrive at their destination to discover that King Doged is fighting to keep his kingdom safe from both Saxons from abroad and younger nobles vying for power. Doged loses that fight when shortly after Arthur and his counselor arrive, he is murdered. His young wife, defenseless and alone, appeals to Arthur to find her husband’s killer. Arthur quickly agrees and Malgwyn is given this almost impossible task.

Why would Arthur be so interested in helping keep this small region stable and under the High King influence? Perhaps because Doged’s people had discovered caves that might contain huge veins of gold….

The Stolen Bride is the next masterpiece in Tony Hays critically acclaimed Arthurian mystery series.

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The Beloved Dead

By Tony Hays

Malgwyn ap Cuneglas was one of King Arthur's earliest companions and now is his most trusted counsellor. Despite the malice of his enemies, and the machinations of the still powerful druids who mightily resist him, Malgwyn knows that Arthur will stop at nothing in his efforts to lead his people to Christ and help to bring civil law and justice to a people who have known little such. To consolidate his power, Arthur decides that it is time to take a noble wife. But in this Malgwyn knows his lord's sorrow, for Arthur must set aside his love, Guinevere, because he believes that the scandal surrounding their affair has tainted her for the crown. Malgwyn is sent north to fetch the young woman who is to be Arthur's bride. The way is fraught with tension for there are forces who would not see the king wed. Malgwyn discovers a string of killings of young virginal women who are slaughtered in a horrific manner - not unlike a ritual sacrifice - and is left with a question that he must answer quickly. Are these murders portents of the gods taking vengeance on the intrusion of a new faith? Or are mortal men plotting to unseat the king?

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The Divine Sacrifice

By Tony Hays

The Divine Sacrifice continues the story of King Arthur's conselor, Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, a solider who lost his arm in battle but was saved by his king. Malgwyn hated Arthur for this gift, but he has come to grudgingly acknowledge that he yet may have some purpose in life.

Arthur and Malgwyn are called to the abbey of Glastonbury to settle a matter of great political importance—tin is being mined for export to the Empire.  While there, Malgwyn and Arthur meet St. Patrick, a legend in the Church who is there on a mission of his own, to root out the heresy of Pelagius.

When an aged monk is found cruelly murdered in his cell, Malgwyn is set with a problem that will test his skills as an investigator.  His search for the truth may uncover a conspiracy that could endanger the kingdom.

Gritty and powerful with a true ring of historical perspective, and a character who sees more than those around him, The Divine Sacrifice is a historical mystery that will hook mystery readers and historical fans alike.

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The Killing Way

by Tony Hays

* National Bestseller

Tony Hays introduces readers to an older era investigator who relies on his keen eyes to see the unnoticed small clues crucial to solving a mystery: Malgwyn, the one-armed scribe. The Killing Way depicts King Arthur in the rugged post-Roman era, a time when a king could walk about a village without a retinue trailing behind.  This is not the romantic Camelot of knights in shining armor seeking the Grail.  Instead, Hays offers a historically accurate portrayal of life in Britain with a tale of murder and Arthur spun cleverly into it.

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