Tim Rosaforte

Tim Rosaforte is a senior writer for Golf World magazine. He is a frequent contributor to The Golf Channel and was president of the Golf Writers Association of America. Author of Heartbreak Hill and Tiger Woods: The Makings of a Champion (St. Martin’s), he has covered golf for Sports Illustrated, The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and The St. Petersburg Times. He has contributed to several network projects including Inside the PGA Tour, co-hosting The PGA Tour Florida Style, reports on the Golf Channel’s Golf Central, and analysis on the Golf Channel’s Viewers’ forum. His book, Raising the Bar: The Championship Years of Tiger Woods (Diane Publishing), was a New York Times bestseller.

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Raising The Bar: The Championship Years of Tiger Woods

by Tim Rosaforte

New York Times Bestseller

Raising the Bar is the story of how Tiger Woods changed his life, his game and the way America views golf. Many biographies have dealt with Tiger's early days with the PGA Tour, but each ends with his triumph in the 1997 Masters Championship. Tiger's experiences in the last three years, however, could fill a lifetime.

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