Tim Keown

Tim Keown is a senior writer for ESPN Magazine. He has written more than twenty ESPN Magazine cover stories on subjects as diverse as Barry Bonds, Randy Moss, and Brett Favre. Before joining ESPN, Keown was a sportswriter and columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle. His magazine and newspaper work has earned him several writing awards. Keown is the author of Skyline: One Season, One Team, One City (Macmillan), the number one New York Times Bestseller Bad As I Wanna Be (Dell) with Dennis Rodman, and most recently Hunting the Jackal (Avon) with Special Forces legend Billy Waugh.

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Hunting the Jackal: A CIA Ground Soldier's Fifty-Year Career Hunting America's Enemies

by Billy Waugh with Tim Keown

Spanning more than five decades, here is a riveting true account of fighting America's enemies around the world - told by the soldier/operative who was there.

Billy Waugh does not consider himself a hero - even though he has lurked in the shadows and on the periphery on many of the most significant events of the past half-century on active duty with the U.S. Army Special Forces and the CIA, fighting enemies of the United States. In Hunting the Jackal, this legendary warrior reveals the extraordinary events of his life and career, offering a point-by-point eyewitness account of the historical events in which he participated.

Serving in Korea and Vietnam, Waugh was among the first Green Berets in 1963. He has helped train Libyan commandos in the Sahara Desert, while spying on Russian missile sites in Benghazi, and he worked against Carribean drug runners. He was the first CIA operative to watch Osama Bin Laden in Khartoum, and in 1994 he captured the notorious Carlos the Jackal in Sudan - a story that until now has never been told.

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