Susan Schindehette

Susan Schindehette, co-author with John Walsh of the New York Times bestseller, Tears of Rage: The Untold Story of the Adam Walsh Case (Pocket Books), is a Manhattan-based senior writer for People magazine. Over the past ten years at People, she has written more than fifty cover stories on subjects ranging from show business to breaking news. Before joining People, Schindehette was a general assignment reporter in Time magazine's Washington bureau. She collaborated with FBI Behavioral Science Unit founder Roger L. Depue on Between Good and Evil, which was published by Warner Books.

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Between Good and Evil: Hunting Society's Most Violent Predators

by Roger L. Depue with Susan Schindehette

New York Times Bestseller

The FBI's former top serial killer hunter shares his unique perspective as both a lawman and a member of the clergy counseling convicts, revealing the dangerously thin line between good and evil.

Roger L. Depue spent decades tracking down America's most depraved criminals. First as a small town police chief, then as a S.W.A.T. team member, and ultimately as head of the FBI's famed Behavioral Sciences Unit - the unit responsible for profiling and hunting serial killers where he pioneered revolutionary law enforcement programs and techniques that remain in use today by the FBI and police departments across the globe. In his quest to comprehend the true nature of good and evil, Depue embarked on a mid-career spiritual sabbatical to become a Brother of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, counseling maximum-security inmates. With his combined experiences as both a law enforcement professional and a member of the clergy, Depue explores the criminal mind and soul as no one has ever done before.

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