Simon Crittle

Simon Crittle began his professional career as a journalist for The Sun-Herald in Sydney, Australia. He built a reputation as one of the city’s best crime reporters. He has written for the New York Post and Time magazine, where he was the New York correspondent. Simon now serves as a spokesman for the United Nations. His book, The Last Godfather: The Rise and Fall of Joey Massino was published by Berkley True Crime.

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The Last Godfather: The Rise and Fall of Joey Massino

by Simon Crittle

Joseph Massino was the ultimate Don.

As head of the Bonanno crime family, Joseph Massino was smart, cautious and treacherous. He ran a nice side business out of his New York City restaurant. The Feds say it included extortion, loan sharking, gambling, narcotics and murder - a criminal empire that had its root back in the Sicilian motherland. Massino was definitely big time.

He honored the classic code - of trust, loyalty, silence. Until he was indicted for murder...

The last Five Family Don in operation, he was taken down in 2004 for seven brutal murders. Only then did he agree to wear a wire to slip his way out of the death penalty. News of his cooperation sent waves of panic throughout the underworld and once again made him the most feared mobster alive. And the very first New York boss to break the American Mafia’s 100-year-old vow of silence.

It would become one of the most explosive, important, and historic courtroom dramas in criminal history. This revealing book tells the story - and gives a look inside a world of organized crime that we may never see again.

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