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Scott Hennen hails from a radio family and has been on the air since he was twelve years old. He launched the first news/talk radio station in North Dakota (KCNN in Grand Forks) in 1992. He is the president and CEO of Freedom Force Communications, and the host of a daily radio show originating from Fargo, North Dakota, and broadcast to the Common Sense Club network of listeners in the upper Midwest. He has interviewed thousands of newsmakers, including Presidents Carter, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Vice President Dick Cheney has been a frequent guest on his show. Named one of the top one hundred talk show hosts in America (Talkers Magazine) in 2000, he has appeared on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and many other TV and radio outlets. The Wall Street Journal has called him the "Rush Limbaugh of the Prairie." Follow Scott Hennen at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Scott lives in the Fargo area with his wife, son, and two daughters.

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Grass Roots

by Scott Hennen

Would you like to do your part in saving America?

Grass Roots is a no-nonsense instruction manual that explains exactly what you can do. Scott Hennen—host and founder of the innovative Common Sense Club radio program—shows how everyday Americans just like you are making a difference for our country’s future. This down-to-earth handbook gives you clear, practical, effective actions you can take to preserve the American dream for your children and grandchildren.

President Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Today, most Americans struggle just to keep food on the dinner table. We are staggering under a crushing burden of big government, out-of-control spending, and towering federal debt. We have become tax slaves—and the people we sent to Washington to represent us are the very ones who sold us there.

We’re angry—and rightly so. But ruling-class politicians have shrugged off our grassroots anger, calling it “Astroturf.” We’re tired of being ignored, patronized, and lied to by the very people who are supposed to be our “public servants.” Not since the original Boston Tea Party of 1773 have so many everyday Americans participated in such a significant display of righteous indignation and freedom-loving patriotism. For the first time in generations, ordinary hardworking, church-going Americans are carrying signs, gathering in large numbers, and making their voices heard.

Big government, beware. A sleeping giant has awakened.

Scott Hennen has drawn up a practical blueprint for change, a handbook for all of us who are ready to roll up our sleeves and do our part to restore America’s goodness—and greatness. Grass Roots is a political manifesto for every American who loves liberty and cares enough to get involved.

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