Rosalie Bonanno

Rosalie Bonanno is the author of Mafia Marriage (St. Martin’s), an intimate account of life inside the secret world of the Mafia. When she married Bill Bonanno, she unwittingly united the Bonanno and Profaci crime families. She spent the rest of her life trying to understand and cope with her husband’s illegal and immoral behavior as well as the shocking secrets of her own parents and past. Her book was made into a CBS movie of the week.

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Mafia Marriage

by Rosalie Bonanno with Beverly Donofrio

An unforgettable look inside the Godfather's own house.

She Was A Profaci. He Was A Bonanno. Rosalie Profaci was a Mafia princess. Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno, oldest son of Mafia Don Joe Bonanno, the real-life model for The Godfather, was organized crime's crown prince. And Bill, deeply involved in his father's "business" of mob schemes thought pretty Rosalie knew what it meant to be a "Mafia wife." But the convent-raised, deeply devout Rosalie, whose innocence was protected by her doting father, had no idea.

Mafia Marriage is Rosalie Bonanno's intimate account of life inside the secretive world of the Mafia. Naming names and providing shocking details, she writes about the wild spending sprees, the mysterious absences of her husband, the other women in his-their running from the law, the abductions, and shootings. Above all, Rosalie reveals the passion that kept her virtually a prisoner to love.... and her heartbreaking journey of discovering the truth and trying to break free.

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