Richie Furay

Richie Furay is now a small-town pastor whose faith saved his marriage and, very likely, his life. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Furay performed as Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills during the 1960s. Throughout Furay’s career, he rubbed shoulders with many of the most famous and influential musical figures of the past half century, as well as behind the scenes players such as David Geffen and Clive Davis. Richie collaborated with Michael Roberts on his memoir, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, which was published by Waterbrook.

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Pickin' Up the Pieces: The Heart and Soul of Country Rock Pioneer Richie Furay

by Richie Furay

When a young Richie Furay moved to New York hoping to make it big in folk music, God wasn’t one of his concerns. But destiny was. Later, when he started Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, it seemed Furay’s destiny had finally arrived. Although the band recorded only three albums, it remains a touchstone of sixties rock music – with all five band members now enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Furay remained a musical pioneer, forming Poco and recording some of the first – and best – country rock music of the sixties and seventies. His work was a major influence on the Eagles and innumerable other bands. But he still had not found his destiny.

It wasn’t until his marriage almost disintegrated that Furay confronted his need for God. After co-founding two legendary bands and recording with a rock super-group, Richie Furay finally found his destiny. The long journey took him from sold-out arena concerts to the pulpit of a Colorado church, from rock royalty to the Rock of Ages.

Destiny is often found in the places where we’re not looking. As you follow the twists and turns in Richie Furay’s inspiring journey, you’ll gain fresh insight into your own.

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