Mark Faram

Mark Faram is a photographer and a writer for the Navy Times, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. His first book, Faces of War: The Untold Story of Edward Steichen’s WWII Photographers, was published by Berkley.

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Faces of War: The Untold Story of Edward Steichen's WWII Photographers

by Mark Faram

Edward Steichen’s Aviation Photographic Unit was an elite and unique military outfit during World War II. Through memorable and dramatic shots of the U.S. Navy, they told the story of the war visually, recording history and changing the face of modern photography in the process. Navy Times writer and photographer Mark Faram has compiled some of their work and conveys its story in Faces of War. This collection contains more than 100 images, a dvd of the photography, and a photograph suitable for framing.

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