M.B. Roberts

M.B. Roberts is a freelance writer who has contributed to magazines and newspapers such as The Miami Herald, The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Bride's, Diversion Magazine, ESPN, Playboy, South Florida Brides, Southwest Airline's Spirit, and American Airline's American Way. Roberts began her career as a columnist for Florida Sportsfan magazine and has been a correspondent for Conde Nast's Women's Sports & Fitness. Her published works include Garish Gardens, Outlandish Lawns (Willow Creek Press), Yo! Blacken This!: Hell's Kitchen Meets the French Quarter at the Delta Grill (Willow Creek Press), Bridesmaids (Andrews McMeel), and Jug Fishing for Greazy and other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories (Thomas Nelson).

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by M.B. Roberts

Few brides would dare to walk down the aisle without their bridesmaids close at hand. Almost every American woman has been a bridesmaid and experienced the dress (which, despite the bride's promise, will never be worn again), the dyed-to-match shoes, and the task of calming and comforting a nervous bride. For doing all that they do with a smile, bridesmaids deserve this lovely tribute. The intimate duotone photographs celebrate the friendship between a bride and her bridesmaids with beauty and poignancy. Captions such as "She's someone I can count on," "She keeps me grounded," and "She remembers things that I forget" let bridesmaids know just why they are so special. Bridesmaids will treasure this special keepsake long after they have sent the dress to Goodwill.

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Jug Fishing for Greazy and other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories

by Brad Paisley and M.B. Roberts

Jug Fishing for Greazy and Other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories is a collection of some of Brad's favorite fishing memories including: Fishing with important men in his life such as his grandfather, Little Jimmy Dickens, World champion Bass angler Hank Parker, and his best friend and co-writer, Kelley Lovelace; and the time when members of Lonestar filled Brad's onstage water bottle with minnows and sat in the front row of the concert hall throwing minnows at his forehead as he tried to sing "I'm Gonna Miss Her."

The book includes an enhanced CD single of the song and the popular video for "I'm Gonna Miss Her".

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