Lin DeVecchio

Special Agent Lin DeVecchio has teamed up with New York Times bestselling author Charles Brandt to write We’re Going to Win This Thing, a true account of DeVecchio’s life inside the organized crime world and his groundbreaking acquittal. It is published by Penguin.

DeVecchio cultivated over fifty secret Mafia informants during his thirty-three years with the FBI.  He spent his last thirteen years as a Supervisory Special Agent, including two years as the Coordinating Supervisor for the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.  Lin was an FBI firearms instructor and a trained sniper in one of the Bureau's on-call SWAT teams. He received twenty-eight FBI awards and commendations, and was made a member of the NYPD Honor Legion.  Lin appeared as a featured agent in the PBS TV series Inside the FBI.  For the last ten years, Lin has operated his own private investigation firm.

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We're Going to Win This Thing

by Lin DeVecchio and Charles Brandt

For more than 15 years, Lin DeVecchio maintained a relationship with a top echelon informant in the upper ranks of four out of five of the New York Mafia families. At his peak DeVecchio maintained 40 percent of all the FBI's top echelon informants in the nation. He also served as supervisor of the Mafia Commission Case for Rudy Giuliani. So when his life's work came into question, and the very system he protected for 33 years betrayed him, Lin's response was brave indeed. He proceeded to allow unlimited access to his complete legal file, including every scrap of paper from investigations in order to demonstrate the gravity of the D.A.'s devastating mistake.

The national news of Lin's trial ended on November 1, 2007, with one of the most dramatic courtroom scenes in the history of American law. But Lin never got a chance to publicly defend himself against the charges and tell his saga. In We're Going to Win This Thing, Lin DeVecchio and his co-writer Charles Brandt, who sat through every moment of the hearings, offer access to accounts from every FBI agent who worked with DeVecchio, the DA's reports, trial transcripts, and a true account of DeVecchio's life inside the world of organized crime.

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