Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for seminal metal band Metallica. Since he joined the band in 1983 he has helped define the sound of hard rock music, bringing a dazzling array of savage riffery to Metallica’s music.  Over the years Hammett and Metallica have sold tens of millions of albums, played to countless sold-out arenas, and been showered in critical praise. Too Much Horror Business, an intriguing view into the mind of a horror-obsessed superstar guitar hero and his legendary collection of horror movie poster art and memorabilia, will be published by Abrams Books.

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Too Much Horror Business

Too Much Horror Business by Kirk Hammett

Not only is Kirk Hammett the lead guitarist for Metallica, one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time, but he’s also the curator of one of the world’s finest collections of monster-movie memorabilia, a collection few people have ever seen. In Too Much Horror Business, Kirk finally unveils his near-mythical treasure trove of rare posters, props, costumes, and toys from the early silent classics to more modern fare. From Bela Lugosi’s annotated Dracula script to the creepy Donnie Darko bunny suit to cool model kits from the 1960s, Hammett has amassed hundreds of items over the years, including priceless international collectibles as well as the quirkier toys of his youth. Alongside scores of full-color, original photographs in this highly designed volume, Kirk offers up thoughts about his appreciation for all things scary and fantastic, shedding light on not only the collection of a lifetime, but the man himself.

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