Kim Thiboldeaux

Kim Thiboldeaux has been a national spokesperson of The Wellness Community for more than six years. She was formerly the Director of Patient Relations for Oncology & Transplant at Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. Kim was recently featured, along with motivational speaker Tony Robbins, in a twenty-two city interview media tour. Her first book, The Total Cancer Wellness Guide: Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis (Benbella Books), is co-written with Mitch Golant and Katina Jones.

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The Total Cancer Wellness Guide

by Kim Thiboldeaux, Mitch Golant and Katina Z. Jones

Organized into four sections that span the cancer-management process from diagnosis through the unpredictable future, this guide covers everything people with cancer and their families need to know about being active participants in their own long-term plan for well-being. With so many cancer patients becoming survivors, living longer and better has become an increasingly important point of focus for The Wellness Community, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free emotional support, education, and hope to people affected by cancer. This book accurately and compassionately addresses all of the physical, emotional, social, and practical needs of today's cancer patients and survivors, preparing them for wellness that can follow throughout the rest of their lives, regardless of how long that may be.

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