Katina Z. Jones

Katina Z. Jones is the award-winning author of books on a variety of business and lifestyle topics, including Small Business Savvy: A Woman's Guide to Building A Business (co-written with Norma Rist); The Everything Feng Shui Decluttering Book; The Everything Get Ready For Baby Book (now in its second edition); and I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding (co-written with singer Jessica Simpson). Katina collaborated on The Total Cancer Wellness Guide: Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis with Kim Thiboldeaux and Mitch Golant, which won USABookNews' National Best Book of 2007 award in the Health category.

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I DO: Achieving Your Dream Wedding

by Jessica Simpson with Katina Z. Jones

On a rainy Texas day, Jessica Simpson married her longtime love, singer Nick Lachey, in a wedding that was in every way a dream brought to life. With exquisite photography and Jessica's own personal stories and insight, I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding invites you to share in the incredible experience.

Make your own dream come true…

For the bride-to-be who is planning her own wedding, I Do is filled with expert advice from the same professionals who helped Jessica prepare for her lavish nuptials every step of the way. No matter your budget, you can learn the tips and tricks that make any wedding an unforgettable event from such experts as wedding photographer Joe Buissink and fashion designer Vera Wang.

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The Total Cancer Wellness Guide

by Kim Thiboldeaux, Mitch Golant and Katina Z. Jones

Organized into four sections that span the cancer-management process from diagnosis through the unpredictable future, this guide covers everything people with cancer and their families need to know about being active participants in their own long-term plan for well-being. With so many cancer patients becoming survivors, living longer and better has become an increasingly important point of focus for The Wellness Community, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free emotional support, education, and hope to people affected by cancer. This book accurately and compassionately addresses all of the physical, emotional, social, and practical needs of today's cancer patients and survivors, preparing them for wellness that can follow throughout the rest of their lives, regardless of how long that may be.

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