Joe Pistone

Joe Pistone is a former FBI agent and has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of organized crime. In his international bestseller Donnie Brasco (Signet), Pistone told his story of working deep undercover in the Bonanno Mafia family. For six years, Pistone posed as jewel thief Donnie Brasco in order to pull off one of the most audacious sting operations ever. The book was later turned into an acclaimed 1997 feature film starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.

He is also the author of The Way of the Wiseguy (Running Press), which was adapted into a play directed by Academy Award-winner Bobby Moresco and premiered at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts in February 2006. It will make its East Coast debut at Resorts International in Atlantic City. His most recent book, Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business, was co-written with Charles Brandt and published by Running Press.

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Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business

by Joe Pistone with Charles Brandt

When FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone began what was supposed to be a six-month operation infiltrating New York’s Bonanno crime family in 1975, he had no idea what was about to happen. Posing as jewel thief "Donnie Brasco,” Pistone would spend the next six years undercover in the Family, witnessing - and sometimes participating in - the Mafia’s gruesome activities while gathering enough evidence to send over 200 gangsters to jail. Pistone told his story in the 1988 book Donnie Brasco - a New York Times bestseller and later a feature film starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. But because of pending trials at the time of publication, many details of the alleged crimes were omitted.

Now, in Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business, Pistone for the first time reveals with great detail the horrific deeds of wiseguys Tony Mirra, Lefty Ruggiero, Sonny Black, and the rest of the cold-blooded Bonanno crew. He puts the operation into historical perspective, detailing the timeline of mafia trials from 1981 through 2005 that crippled the New York City crime family. He also recounts his experiences after the operation, his time on the Hollywood set with Pacino and Depp, and other undercover operations through present day.

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The Good Guys

by Bill Bonanno and Joe Pistone with David Fisher

Former mob chief Bill Bonanno and former undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone, a.k.a. Donnie Brasco, who infiltrated the Mafia's Bonanno family in the 1970s, combine their unique experiences to deliver an unprecedented crime thriller.

This novel represents the extraordinary insights of two men who lived their lives in the Mafia - either as a member of a key crime family, or as a cop who infiltrated them. Their unusual perspective gives The Good Guys a real, gritty feel, and infuses the novel with chilling true-to-life details and a real insider's perspective.

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