H.W. Brands

H.W. Brands, author of T.R.: The Last Romantic (Basic) and the New York Times bestseller The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin (Anchor), among many other books, is professor of history at Texas University. Author of ten works on American history, he lives in Austin, Texas.

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The First American: The Life And Times Of Benjamin Franklin

by H.W. Brands

Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize

New York Times bestseller

The foremost American of his day, Benjamin Franklin was a pivotal figure during America's transition from British colony to the new independent nation of America. In H.W. Brands' masterful biography, he comes vividly to life. Franklin was a printer, a scientist, an inventor, a politician and a diplomat. A generation older than the Founding Fathers, his opinions and wisdom were invaluable to patriots such as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The First American is the grand story of an exceptional man who is an icon in the history of America.

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