General Donald V. Bennett

General Donald V. Bennett (ret.), a former commandant of West Point, served as ranking member of Richard M. Nixon's Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Bennett (with collaborator William R. Forstchen) wrote about his WWII experiences in Honor Untarnished published by Tor/Forge Books.

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Honor Untarnished

by General Donald V. Bennett

Whether it was fighting Rommel's fierce Afrika Korps, hitting the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, surviving the Battle of the Bulge or just being in the next room during the infamous "slapping incident" of Blood-n-Guts General George Patton, Donald Bennett experienced the fiery crucible of World War II and survived to tell about it.

Lindbergh, Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower are just names in a history book to most -- but to Don Bennett they were personal acquaintances. This is the story of famous moments in history from a man who was actually there.

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