Eric L. Haney

Eric L. Haney, Command Sergeant Major, U.S.A. (retired) is an author, news commentator, and public speaker. His multiple live appearances on local and network television news include CBS Evening News, CNN, Fox Network, and shows such as The O'Reilly Factor, Larry King Live, Crossfire, and C-Span, as well as local/network radio talk shows coast to coast, including Bill O'Reilly, Gordon Liddy and Royal Marshall.

Mr. Haney also specializes in international security operations and executive protection. He is an accomplished leader, security specialist, manager with global experience, and an expert in all aspects of operational security and executive protection. In addition, he is an accomplished inventor, holding three patents for self-protection and escape equipment. The Unit, a drama series based on Haney's extensive military experiences, premiered on CBS in March 2006. He is the author of the international bestseller Inside Delta Force: The Story of America's Elite Counter-terrorist Unit (Delta). Eric’s debut novel No Man’s Land, about a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary who uses his highly specialized skills to assist the poor and powerless, will be published by Berkeley.

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Inside Delta Force: A Young Person's Guide to the World of Special Forces

by Eric L. Haney

The history and behind the scenes story of the U.S. Special Forces tailored for a young adult audience by founding member and excellent role model Eric Haney, Command Sergeant Major, USA (ret). Inside Delta Force: A Young Person’s Guide was published by Random House.

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No Man's Land

by Eric L. Haney

The New York Times bestselling author of Inside Delta Force and creator of the CBS series, The Unit has returned with his fiction debut.

Soldier of fortune Kennesaw Tanner is approached by government operatives with an offer and request: rescue the kidnapped heir of a powerful Persian Gulf sheik whose allegiance with the U.S. has made him a target of terrorists.

But what Tanner doesn’t know is that there are elements in the government waiting and hoping for him to fail. The sands of politics are shifting against him, and the job he’s being paid to do may cost him more than he’s bargained for…

With twenty years’ experience in the Special Forces himself, Haney’s ability to craft gripping and realistic scenes of war and espionage make this a riveting novel you won’t soon forget.

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Low Country

by Eric L. Haney

Kennesaw Tanner used to be a shadow operative. Now, he operates on his own.

Tanner is in the coastal swamps of Georgia, hunting for the man who may have killed his friend. But he soon finds himself caught up in a running battle against a ring of brutal sex slavers for whom human life is a cheap commodity. Tanner must overcome soul-blackening corruption and confront the most inhuman degradation if he's going to make them pay.

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Beyond Shock and Awe: Warfare in the 21st Century

by Eric L. Haney with Brian Thomsen

Media commentator Eric L. Haney - one of twelve founding Delta Force members and author of Inside Delta Force - along with other outstanding military analysts and award-nominated editor Brian Thomsen, examines our evolving military in the face of changing times, technology, and adversaries. From possible invasions of Syria or Iran - or a major military stand-down with North Korea - Beyond Shock and Awe is a provocative vision of America's military of the future.

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