Elaine Cunningham

Elaine Cunningham is the bestselling author of the "Starlight and Shadows" series, including Daughter of the Drow (Wizards of the Coast), Tangled Webs (Wizards of the Coast) and Windwalker (Wizards of the Coast). Her most recent book in the "Changeling" series, Shadows In the Darkness, was published by Tor Books.

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Shadows in the Darkness

by Elaine Cunningham

Gwen "GiGi" Gelman, a ten-year veteran of the Providence, Rhode Island, vice squad, finds herself unemployed after being blamed for a routine bust that turned into a bloodbath. GiGi is used to being on her own, though, and with the help of a DA who owes her, she's scraped together enough capital to start her own PI business, specializing in "family problems" - in particular, runaways who have disappeared into Providence's seamy underside.

With a few custodial kidnapping cases under her belt, as well as a case against a Catholic school teacher/molester, GiGi is doing well for herself - until she takes on the case of a 14-year-old runaway who may or may not have been kidnapped.

As GiGi investigates, she accidentally opens the door to her own mystical past. Now long-hidden family ties threaten her, and the secret of her identity unlocks a conspiracy that reveals the forces of darkness that play in the shadows…

Forces that intend to be the masters of all mortal life.


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Shadows in the Starlight

by Elaine Cunningham

A ten-year veteran of the Providence Rhode Island vice squad, Gwen “GiGi” Gellman began her life as a foundling and is used to being on her own. So when she finds herself unemployed and on the outs after a standard bust goes bad resulting in a bloodbath, she welcomes the occasion to break from routine. She scrapes together enough capital to start her own PI business specializing in “family problems.” But in doing so, she never guessed that she would uncover her own mysterious and mystical past.

When GiGi becomes involved in the case of a missing wife and child, she initially dismisses the matter as good sense on the wife’s part -- she knows the husband to be less than stellar in his role. But as her investigation progresses, GiGi discovers a pattern of lies and deceptions, some of which expose hidden ties to her own mystifying existence.

Otherworldly powers try to intercede, and soon GiGi finds not only her own life threatened, but those of her friends and family as well.

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