Dr. Peter Salgo

Dr. Peter Salgo has spent his medical career on the front lines of the heart disease war. A professor of medicine and anesthesiology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, he practices intensive care medicine in the open-heart intensive care unit. Dr. Salgo is associate director of surgical intensive care at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Chairman of the Inter-ICU Committee. He has also served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and was recently a visiting professor at the American Hospital in Paris. His book, The Heart of the Matter, was published by HarperCollins.

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The Heart of the Matter

by Dr. Peter Salgo with Joe Layden

For the first time in history, we know what really causes heart attacks. And that knowledge has led Dr. Peter Salgo to this amazingly simple and straightforward program that will save millions of lives.

The Heart of the Matter is the beginning of a change in the treatment of heart disease. It introduces a preventative program that includes traditional diet and exercise guidelines as well as a blanket recommendation that adults, even young adults, incorporate medicines into their ongoing pursuit of health and longevity -- which, until now, seemed impossible to many. Now, without using a lot of indecipherable medical jargon, this invaluable new guide will show you exactly how to attain that longer, healthier life that so many people wish for.

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