Dr. J. Richard Gentry

Dr. J. Richard Gentry is an acclaimed author, educational consultant and researcher, and is recognized for his groundbreaking work in literacy education for Pre-K to second grade children. He holds a Ph.D in Reading Education from the University of Virginia and directed the Reading Center during a sixteen year career as a reading education teacher at Western Carolina University. He is the author of The Literacy Map: Guiding Children to Where They Need to Be (Mondo Publishing), My Kid Can’t Spell (Heinemann), Breakthrough in Beginning Reading (Scholastic), and Step-by-Step Assessment Guide to Code Breaking (Scholastic). His next book, Raising Confident Readers: How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write, focuses on neurological insights into child development and offers a variety of research-proven activities to move your child through five phases of literary comprehension. It will be released by Da Capo Press.

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Raising Confident Readers: How to Teach your child to read and write


By Dr. J. Richard Gentry:


We all know the importance of reading aloud to our children, but beyond that, how do kids really learn to read? Why should you jump-start the process before formal instruction in school begins? And how do you know if your child’s literacy skills are developing normally?


In this empowering guide, Dr. J. Richard Gentry describes how to teach reading before your child enters kindergarten and how to make progress once your child is in school. He offers parents an easy-to-understand program outlining the five phases of kids’ literacy development, with age- and stage-appropriate activities that make reading and writing fun. Raising Confident Readers is essential for every parent who wants their child to be a lifelong learner.

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