The Way of the Wiseguy

by Joe Pistone

True Stories from the FBI's most famous undercover agent

Here's the first nonfiction work from author Joe Pistone since his New York Times #1 bestseller and hit movie, Donnie Brasco. Perhaps no man alive knows the inner workings of wiseguys better than Pistone does, having spent six years infiltrating the Mafia as an undercover FBI agent. Now, years later, Pistone reassesses what the underworld was really about.

Occasionally poignant, always in shocking detail, The Way of the Wiseguy gives readers a first hand look at the thinking, psychology and customs that make wiseguys a unique breed. The book is divided into anecdotes that reveal key principals of wiseguy life, including "Don't Volunteer You Don't Know Something," "Be a Good Earner," "Look Like You Mean Business," "It's Your Best Friend Who Will Kill You," and much more. The stories - more than 80 of them - are spellbinding, and the insights into this lawless realm of badguys are often uncannily relevant to the workings of the legitimate world of big business and everyday social discourses.

The Way of the Wiseguy has now taken to the stage. Directed by Academy Award-winner Bobby Moresco, The Way of the Wiseguy premiered in February, 2006, at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts. Please click here to read more about this hilarious play, its performers and showtimes.

Published in True Crime