Dennis Showalter

Dennis Showalter is a professor of history at Colorado College, visiting professor, and guest lecturer at West Point and former president of the Society for Military History. G.P. Putnam’s military imprint, Caliber, published his book, Patton & Rommel. Showalter has authored numerous articles and works on various topics of military history. He contributed to Robert Cowley’s bestselling essay collection, What If?. Berkeley has just published Hitler’s Panzers I, the first volume of a two-volume series on Dennis' analyses of German armored forces in World War II. His account of the largest tank battle in history, Kursk, will be published by Random House.

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Patton and Rommel: Men of War in the Twentieth Century

by Dennis Showalter

A dual biography of the two World War II generals who changed warfare - and history - forever.

General George S. Patton and General Erwin Rommel: They served their countries through two World Wars. Their temperaments, both on and off the battlefield, were overwhelmingly contrary - but their approach to modern warfare was remarkably similar.

Written by a prominent military historian, Patton and Rommel takes a provocative look at both figures, intertwining the stories of the paths they took and the decisions they made during the course of the Second World War - and compares the lives and careers of two men whose military tactics redirected the course of history.

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Hitler's Panzers: The Lightning Attacks That Revolutionized Warfare






by Dennis Showalter

Hitler’s Panzers presents the first comprehensive history of Nazi Germany’s armored forces, including the army’s tankers and their sinister partners in the Waffen SS. Among his strategic accomplishments, Hitler built self-contained armored units, able to operate without direct leadership. Their story is presented from multiple complementary perspectives in this unbiased account by scholar Dennis Showalter, author of Patton and Rommel: Men of War in the Twentieth Century.

In Hitler’s Panzers, Showalter demonstrates how the front-line imperatives of arms, doctrine, and tactics were integrated into the development of the panzers’ institutional character. He demonstrates the Panzers’ place in the military culture of the Third Reich; their role in World War II, and of course, their legacies - both the myths and the realities.

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