David Schmidt

David Schmidt is the screenwriter of Warner Bros.’ 2005 hit movie Racing Stripes and the author of the children’s novel (Scholastic) by the same name. Mr. Schmidt lives in Laguna Beach, California, and is currently working on various projects, including the sequel to Racing Stripes. In a former life, Mr. Schmidt was a major league baseball player for the Boston Red Sox.

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Racing Stripes

by David Schmidt (screenwriter/creator)

When a baby zebra is abandoned by his traveling circus, he finds himself lost and alone in the Kentucky heartland. But a kind farmer and his daughter rescue him and bring him home to their barn. There he lives among the farm animals, believing he's a horse like any other. His name? Stripes, of course! Stripes grows up believing he's born to run. But he is teased about his unusual appearance by the snooty thoroughbreds at the horse farm next door. Determined to prove himself, Stripes begins to train for the greatest race in the world... the Kentucky Derby.

Racing Stripes is based on the Warner Bros. movie of the same name.

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