David Fisher

David Fisher is the author of more than seventy books including twenty-six best sellers. He writes on subjects ranging from Mafia hit men to Nobel Prize-winning biochemists. Fisher began his bestseller career with Killer (W.H. Allen, 1974), the first confessional by a Mafia hitman, and No One Would Listen (Wiley, 2010), the astonishing true-life whodunit about Harry Markopolos, the whistleblower who filed complaints against Bernie Madoff. Fisher’s more recent collaboration with William Shatner, titled Up Till Now: The Autobiography (Thomas Dunne Books, 2008), was a New York Times bestseller. He won a 1990 Grammy for the audio version of the bestselling Gracie: A Love Story written with George Burns and France's 'Prix Litterature de 1,000,000 Amis,' for Conversations with My Cat. The Pack (Ballantine Books, 1977) was released as a Warner Brothers feature film, and The War Magician (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004) was recently optioned by Tom Cruise. His most recent collaborations include Why Don't Cats Go Bald? (The Lyons Press, 2008) with Dr. Skip Sullivan (The Lyons Press, 2008), and Basic Tales with Col. Jack Jacobs.

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American Warrior

by Gary O’Neal & David Fisher

In July 2010, Gary O’Neal was inducted into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame. His plaque reads:

“Chief Warrant Officer Gary L. O’Neal is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame for nearly 40 years of service to his country and its allies. From Vietnam through both Gulf Wars, Chief Warrant Officer O’Neal served as a private, noncommissioned officer, Special Forces warrant officer, and spe...cial operations GS civil servant, in conventional and unconventional warfare on land, air, and sea. He has served with every branch of the US military, on every continent in the world. Ranger O’Neal bears scars from bullet wounds, shrapnel wounds, and bayonet-knife wounds from at least nine separate combat engagements. His service is characterized by nearly every combat qualification, multiple combat tours in Vietnam to include incursions into Laos and Cambodia, and long periods of perilous service in virtually every country of Central and South America. He has served on personal security duty for general officers in the Middle East, and also trained tens of thousands of American and foreign military personnel in every theater of the world. His career is highlighted by Ranger-LRRP duty during Vietnam, his selection for duty with the US Army Parachute Team (Golden Knights), Department of Defense’s first Antiterrorist Team (Blue Light), and the US Army’s first Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Course. His awards and decorations include the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with “V” device, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal with “V” device, Army Achievement Medal (3), Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold Star, Combat Infantry Badge, Special Forces and Ranger Tabs, Master Parachutist Badge, Master Military Freefall Badge, and Combat Diver Badge.

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Leadership by Example

by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra with David Fisher

An accessible and inspiring guide to good leadership based on a popular lecture that Dr. Chopra has presented to thousands

Very few of us are leaders all the time, in everything we do, but all of us can become a leader in specific situations. In a committee, in business, at a social club or at a religious institution, we all find a time in our lives when we can lead. Few people set out knowingly to become leaders, rather they see a need and they find a way of dealing with it, and often others choose to follow their example.

Based on a talk that he has given to more than 60,000 people in at least seven countries, the “LEADERSHIP” mnemonic that Dr. Chopra explains is as follows:

L - listen well
E - empathy
A - attitude
D - dreams and decisiveness
E - effectiveness
R - resilience
S - a sense of purpose
H - humility and humor
I - integrity and imagination
P – principles

And willingness to pack other people’s parachutes. Drawing from his experience as Faculty Dean for Continuing Education for Harvard Medical School as well as the writings and lives of great leaders throughout history, this easy-to-read, inspiring book will serve as a reminder and a guide to becoming leaders in our own lives.

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Basic: Tales from Basic Training

by Colonel Jack Jacobs (ret.) and David Fisher

From a Medal of Honor winner—the first book that provides a documented and oral history of an American institution: basic training

Every soldier, sailor, marine and air force personnel has one thing in common: They all have been through basic training. None will ever forget it. During the eight weeks of training each recruit learns things about themselves that they never experienced before.

They are taught everything from combat skills to making a bed with sheets so tight a quarter will bounce off them. The goal of this training is to turn a young American into a soldier, sailor or marine who will instantly and unquestioningly respond to an order.

Basic tells the history of basic training, including historic materials like schedules, menus, cadence calls, chants and songs from the various wars, and even excerpts from training manuals. This is a book that will bring back memories of basic for the 40 million people who have gone through it, and offers outsiders a look inside this life-changing experience.

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The War Magician

by David Fisher

Jasper Maskelyne was a world famous magician and illusionist in the 1930s. When war broke out, he volunteered his services to the British Army and was sent to Egypt where the desert war had just begun. He used his skills to save the vital port of Alexandria from German bombers and to 'hide' the Suez Canal from them. He invented all sorts of camouflage methods to make trucks look like tanks and vice versa. On Malta he developed 'the world's first portable holes': fake bomb craters used to fool the Germans into thinking they had hit their targets. His war culminated in the brilliant deception plan that won the Battle of El Alamein: the creation of an entire dummy army in the middle of the desert.

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The Good Guys

by Bill Bonanno and Joe Pistone with David Fisher

Former mob chief Bill Bonanno and former undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone, a.k.a. Donnie Brasco, who infiltrated the Mafia's Bonanno family in the 1970s, combine their unique experiences to deliver an unprecedented crime thriller.

This novel represents the extraordinary insights of two men who lived their lives in the Mafia - either as a member of a key crime family, or as a cop who infiltrated them. Their unusual perspective gives The Good Guys a real, gritty feel, and infuses the novel with chilling true-to-life details and a real insider's perspective.

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Keep It Simple

by Terry Bradshaw and David Fisher

New York Times Bestseller

In the follow up to the New York Times bestselling It’s Only a Game, America’s most popular sports analyst (and four-time Super Bowl champ) shares a trove of hard-won, surefire secrets for success in all of life’s arenas.

More personal that its predecessor and full of Bradshaw’s signature, good-natured irreverence, Keep It Simple explores the aspects of Bradshaw’s life that have brought him happiness and sorrow alike, from his deep-seated personal beliefs to his broken marriages. Through it all, his famous sense of humor stays intact: As Bradshaw admits, the only thing he has done well consistently is fail. When it comes to failure, he is an expert and through it all he has learned how to turn failure into… success. Well, at least sometimes. Keep It Simple delivers invaluable, hard-won life lessons, all delivered in the straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is style that is Terry’s trademark.

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Producer: A Memoir

by David L. Wolper with David Fisher

From one of the most successful and influential producers in the entertainment industry -- responsible for classics such as Roots, The Thorn Birds, L.A. Confidential, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory -- comes a fascinating memoir of life at the very hub of Hollywood.

Despite Wolper's staggering success and his countless Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes, he remains street-smart, wry, and surprisingly down-to-earth. Told in a conversational, comfortable voice, Producer is filled with funny and surprising anecdotes about such varied personalities as Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace and John Travolta, the Kennedys and Richard Nixon, and legends Orson Welles and Federico Fellini.

By combining flexibility, resourcefulness, and determination, Wolper produced some of the landmark documentaries, films, miniseries, and entertainment events of the twentieth century. Producer is the engaging and inspiring memoir of a true pioneer.

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It's Only A Game








by Terry Bradshaw with David Fisher

New York Times Bestseller

Whether on the gridiron or sitting in front of a camera, speaking to a Fortune 500 company or singing a sad song, Terry Bradshaw is one of America's favorite personalities. Winner of four Super Bowl championships as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bradshaw has met great success as the co-host of Fox network's top-rated NFL Sunday.

It's Only A Game, Bradshaw's new memoir written with David Fisher, hit the New York Times bestsellers list shortly after publication. It's Only A Game is the insightful, inspiring, revealing and often hilarious chronicle of a fascinating life.

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Legally Correct Fairy Tales

by David Fisher

Jack and Jill went down the hill - and are suing the pail manufacturer for pain and suffering. The mobster known as the Big Bad Wolf, nemesis of little pigs and grandmas everywhere, faces indictment under the RICO Act. Snow White, in violation of the kingdom's nondiscrimination laws, is given 45 days to hire non-male, non-Caucasian, non-vertically challenged employees. And guess who the Three Bears are taking to the cleaners for trespassing, damage to real property, and mental anguish... Way beyond the politically correct, this is the perfect book for these litigious times. From the Emperor's New Clothes to the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe... from Pinocchio to Humpty Dumpty ... from Hansel and Gretel to Beauty and the Beast ... the most beloved tales of childhood are told once again, not with the rhythms of the nursery, but in the precise language of the law, as depositions and briefs, summonses and summary judgments. The court finds Legally Correct Fairy Tales hilarious.

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