Cilla McCain

Cilla McCain comes from a large army family and grew up near various military bases. Formerly a business executive, Cilla McCain now teaches and writes full-time, focusing on issues dealing with social injustice. Cilla’s first book is a probing investigation of the killing of Army Specialist Richard Davis by his own men, and the growing number of suicides and unsolved murder cases involving our troops. Although this story has received international media attention, including a 48 Hours episode, and served as the inspiration behind the Paul Haggis film, In The Valley of Elah, until now, no source has come close to revealing the full details of this case. Paul Haggis commented on Cilla’s forthcoming book, saying that, ”This work has been created with an insightful heart and an activist's drive. Cilla's writing denotes a deep sense of personal responsibility for the veterans of the Iraq war and it is from this platform that she advocates and encourages the reader to feel the same.” Murder in Baker Company: How Four American Soldiers Killed One of Their Own will be published by Chicago Review Press.

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Murder in Baker Company: How Four American Soldiers Killed One of Their Own

by Cilla McCain

Upon returning to the United States after surviving one of the Iraq War’s bloodiest battles, Army Specialist Richard T. Davis was reported AWOL. But Richard was not AWOL; he was dead. On July 14, 2003, within hours of his return to Fort Benning, he was mercilessly tortured and murdered. Four members of his own platoon were arrested for the crime. In Murder in Baker Company, Cilla McCain retraces the events of the case, providing a disturbing, eye-opening look at the problems within today’s military. Not only an exploration of a heinous murder, the book is also a warning and a call to action for U.S. citizens.

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