Carrie Berk

Carrie Berk, is author Sheryl Berk’s nine year old daughter and co-writer of Peace, Love, and Cupcake series. A cupcake connoisseur, Carrie cooked up the idea for the PLC series in second grade. Together, they have invented dozens of crazy cupcakes recipes in their NYC kitchen (can you say "Purple Velvet?") and have the frosting stains on the ceiling to prove it.

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Winner Bake All

Winner Bake Allby Carrie & Sheryl Berk

Includes recipes and tips to try at home!

"Kids and cupcakes are the perfect recipe!" - Sophie and Katerine, stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes

Meet Sadie.

When she's not mixing it up on the basketball court, she's mixing the perfect batter with her friends in the cupcake club. Sadie's definitely no stranger to competition, but the oven mitts are off when the club is chosen to appear on Battle of the Bakers, the ultimate cupcake competition on TV.

But the real battle happens off camera when the club's baking business starts losing money.

With the clock ticking and the cameras rolling, will the club and their cupcakes rise to the occasion?

Published in Young Adult/Children's

Recipe for Trouble

Recipe for Troubleby Carrie & Sheryl Berk

"Kids and cupcakes are the perfect recipe."—Sophie and Katherine, stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes

Meet Lexi Poole.

To Lexi, a new school year means back to baking with her BFFs in the cupcake club. But the club president, Kylie, is mixing things up by inviting new members. And Lexi is in for a no-so-sweet surprise when she is cast in the school's production of Romeo and Juliet. If only she could be as confident onstage as she is in the kitchen. The icing on the cake: her secret crush is playing Romeo. Sounds like a recipe for trouble.

Can the girls' friendship stand the heat, or will the cupcake club go up in smoke?

Includes recipes and tips to try at home!

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Published in Young Adult/Children's

The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love & Cupcakes

The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love & Cupcakesby Carrie & Sheryl Berk

Quiet fourth-grader Kylie Carson is sort of an outsider--she's constantly bullied by popular girl Meredith and has no friends, until her new drama teacher encourages her to start a cupcake club at school: Cupcakes for a Cause will raise money for the new EcoCenter. Soon, Kylie and other misfits are baking up a storm. When the club is commissioned for Meredith's birthday, Kylie gets a chance to take sweet revenge.

The Cupcake Club is the first book in the Peace, Love and Cupcakes series, and each book will feature yummy, original cupcake recipes from the story. This fabulous new friendship series is slated to be a sweet success!

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Published in Young Adult/Children's