Bruce L. Fleet

Bruce L. Fleet was a top-producing broker for more than twenty years and is a Certified Investment Management Consultant (CIMA). He was also a top corporate trainer, educating new and tenured executives for a major New York City brokerage. His book, The Solomon Secret: Financial Wisdom From History's Wealthiest Man, a financial guide incorporating the wisdom of Solomon, was published by Jeremy P. Tarcher.

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The Solomon Secret: Financial Wisdom from History's Wealthiest Man

by Bruce L. Fleet

Financial expert Bruce Fleet combines decades of experience in business and personal finance with the wisdom of Solomon to offer readers a unique, solid, well-grounded, proven method of wisely investing for the benefit of themselves and their families.

The Solomon Secret: Financial Wisdom from History’s Wealthiest Man is a direct yet simple solution to the problem offering the reader real advice for real success in a real world. While shelves are lined with get-rich-quick books, Fleet offers a fresh, honest set of steps to help individuals and families properly assess their situation, plan a bright future, and take steps to make it all possible. Calling on the wisdom of the richest man to ever live, this fascinating guide blends ancient wisdom with contemporary advice.

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