The Awful Truths

by Brian Thomsen

Sometimes the truth hurts - but it doesn’t have to. The Awful Truths examines some of our culture’s oldest, most popular myths, and tells the fascinating, hilarious, and shocking stories behind what really happened. Each truth is supported with iron-clad evidence that skillfully explains how and where our misconceptions originated.

Who was Mario Puzo’s model for the Don Corleone character in The Godfather? Was it Joseph “Joe Bananas” Bonanno? The infamous Salvatore Marranzo? No…it was Puzo’s mother! Senator Joe McCarthy was responsible for the infamous “Hollywood Blacklist,” right? Well, actually… no, he had nothing to do with it.

Surprising, engaging, and punctuated with side-splitting cartoons throughout, the quirky tidbits in The Awful Truths turn history on its head.

“The verdict is in. Brian Thomsen’s The Awful Truths is guilty of being both entertaining and informative. A supreme achievement.” -F. Lee Bailey

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Brian Thomsen

Brian Thomsen was the author of more than sixty short stories and books. He wrote fantasy novels, as well as non-fiction works like Ireland’s Most Wanted (Potomac Books), The Awful Truths (HarperCollins), and Man of Two Worlds (HarperCollins). Thomsen also edited several titles, including Shadows of Blue & Gray—The Civil War Writings of Ambrose Bierce (Forge), critically acclaimed The American Fantasy Tradition (Tor), as well as The Man in the Arena—The Selected Writings of Theodore Roosevelt (Forge). Thomsen’s co-editing credits include such works as Eric Haney’s Beyond Shock and Awe (Berkley)and Bill Fawcett’s You Did What (HarperCollins). Brian's latest work included Oval Office Occult: A Book of White House Weirdness (Andrews McMeel), a collection of true stories about U.S. presidents and their encounters with occult phenomena, as well as Pasta Fazool for the Wiseguy's Soul (Andrew McMeel), a hilarious homage to both the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and every wiseguy film to ever grace the screen (both published by Andrews & McMeel). While we will all forever miss his presence, we’re fortunate that his legacy will live on in his books.

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Beyond Shock and Awe: Warfare in the 21st Century

by Eric L. Haney with Brian Thomsen

Media commentator Eric L. Haney - one of twelve founding Delta Force members and author of Inside Delta Force - along with other outstanding military analysts and award-nominated editor Brian Thomsen, examines our evolving military in the face of changing times, technology, and adversaries. From possible invasions of Syria or Iran - or a major military stand-down with North Korea - Beyond Shock and Awe is a provocative vision of America's military of the future.

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