Marci’s Desire

Marci’s Desireby Sara Luck

From “an author to watch,” (Romantic Times) comes a new blazingly hot romance set in the American West.

When Marci and Stanton are caught in some illicit activity, Marci’s father suggests that she leave Washington. She goes to Yellowstone with a female photographer, and becomes her assistant. There, Marci meets Lieutenant Myles Cade McDowell, known as Cade, who is part of the military contingent at Ft. Yellowstone, there to protect the park from poachers. When one of Cade’s friends, James Moss, leads a troop of men by bicycle from Ft. Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone, Cade, who wants to equip the soldiers in Yellowstone with bicycles, gets permission to make the journey with Moss—and Marci accompanies them in order to make a photographic essay. And along their scenic trip, Cade and Marci discover their true feelings for one another…