Off Course

Off Courseby Georgina Bloomberg with Cathy Hapka

Life on the A Circuit comes with major pressure. Equestrians Tommi, Kate, and Zara are expected to perform at every horse show, large or small. So with the biggest show of the season just weeks away, they should be in prep mode. Should be.

Tommi’s friends convince her to take a road trip to drop off an older friend at school . . . where she can’t help but get distracted by college boys. Kate is dealing with the aftermath of her boyfriend Fitz’s latest grand gesture: buying a horse for the two of them to train together. And Zara? Well, trouble follows her everywhere! Then there’s the issue of a new blog on the circuit—is someone from Pelham Lane feeding gossip to the press? Forget prep mode for the big horse show, these girls are in crisis mode.

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