Her Amish Man

Her Amish Manby Erin Bates

Fresh out of law school, Leah McKenzie is working at her first job as an associate. When her boss, attorney Carl Trevathan, asks her to bring him a private file, she walks in to see him shot by two unknown men. Leah is traumatized, covered in his blood...and is quickly the lead suspect in the case, thanks to some machinations by Trevathan’s shifty partners.

Fearing for her life, Leah goes on the run to the only safe place she can think of—the home of her estranged grandmother, who lives in an Amish community in Illinois. She’s not exactly met with open arms, though, as her car runs into a ditch to avoid a horse and buggy on a narrow, wet road. The driver of the buggy, John Miller, fishes the unconscious Leah out of her car and takes her to his mother’s home to recuperate.

As Leah recovers, John is bemused but intrigued by Leah, who quickly finds herself entranced by the Amish lifestyle. John and Leah begin courting in earnest, but each must make some difficult choices—and figure out if an Amish and an English can truly make love work....

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