Lone Bean

by Chudney Ross

Meet Bean Gibson. She’s energetic. She’s fun. She’s utterly lovable. Only problem is she has no friends.

Bean Gibson is so excited about the first day of third grade, not even her m-e-a-n MEAN older sisters Rose and Gardenia, can bring her down.

But then Bean’s Best friend has a new best friend and Bean’s dad tells her she has to learn a musical instrument, her year gets off to a bad start. Turns out she h-a-t-e-s HATES third grade! Can Bean make new friends, conquer the violin, and get her mom to stop spending so much time at work?

In a debut novel that is at once hilarious and heartwarming, spunky Bean Gibson will join the ranks of popular characters such as Judy Moody and Ramona the Pest.

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