Claiming the Heart

by Sara Luck

Sara Luck follows up her debut romance Susanna’s Choice with this sultry novel set in the American West.

While working with her father to survey the new Texas and Pacific Railroad, Josie Leclede meets and falls in love with Gabe Corrigan, who is supervisor of the track-laying crew. Gabe is divorced; the divorce having been arranged by his ex-wife’s politically powerful father.

When the railroad reaches Ft. Worth, Gabe becomes a wealthy man and is ready to declare his love for Josie, but his ex-wife and her father come back into the picture. Her father has reversed the divorce, and given his recently acquired wealth, Gabe’s wife wants him back.

Believing that she was only a diversion, a heartbroken Josie flees to Missouri to take a job with a newly chartered railroad. Gabe uses his newfound wealth and power to secure a Texas divorce—then goes to Missouri to follow his heart and declare his love

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