Basic: Tales from Basic Training

by Colonel Jack Jacobs (ret.) and David Fisher

From a Medal of Honor winner—the first book that provides a documented and oral history of an American institution: basic training

Every soldier, sailor, marine and air force personnel has one thing in common: They all have been through basic training. None will ever forget it. During the eight weeks of training each recruit learns things about themselves that they never experienced before.

They are taught everything from combat skills to making a bed with sheets so tight a quarter will bounce off them. The goal of this training is to turn a young American into a soldier, sailor or marine who will instantly and unquestioningly respond to an order.

Basic tells the history of basic training, including historic materials like schedules, menus, cadence calls, chants and songs from the various wars, and even excerpts from training manuals. This is a book that will bring back memories of basic for the 40 million people who have gone through it, and offers outsiders a look inside this life-changing experience.

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