Why Don't Cats Go Bald?: The Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask Your Vet






by Dr. Skip Sullivan and David Fisher

Can cats be trained? Do cats have ESP? Why do cats scratch so much?

Face it: You don’t own your cat; your cat owns you. And since cats are often mystifying, complex furry creatures, veterinarian Dr. Skip Sullivan is here to answer all of your questions and more in this hilariously fun and quirky guide pertaining to all things feline. Like a cat weaving between your ankles, Why Don’t Cats Go Bald? ties in informational Cat Stats, Cat Tips, and even personal Cat Tales from Sullivan’s unforgettable experiences with the thousands of cats he’s treated. This is one purrr-chase you won’t regret!

Dr. Skip Sullivan and David Fisher's Why Don't Cats Go Bald? is a compendium of fascinating facts about feline psychology, behavior and health with unique insight about cat traits we thought were inexplicable. This humorous book is not only for cat lovers but also for all lovers of nature and its playful exploration.