Effortless Style

by June Ambrose

June Ambrose, celebrity fashion stylist and designer, has written a fresh and innovative book that illustrates the ways in which men and women alike can resemble a member of Ambrose's distinguished clientele.

Despite her young age, Ambrose is no novice in her field. In fact, in her 14-year career, Ambrose has catered to a host of superstar clients, including Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Kelly Ripa, Kim Catrall and many others.

In Effortless Style, Ambrose shares her valuable expertise. Her goal, she explains, is "to show everyone - whether the girls next door or the boardroom executive - how everything from their moods to their ambitions can be improved by their clothes, accessories and attitudes."

Ambrose's "miracle worker" insight is clearly shown in this essential book as she demonstrates how anyone can look and feel like a superstar, regardless of body type or budget.

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