One from the Hart

by Stefanie Powers

Born and raised in Hollywoor, Stefanie Powers signed with Columbia Pictures at the age of seventeen and, while being groomed for stardom, she experienced the tail end of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Best known for her role as Robert Wagner’s wife and crime-fighting partner on the popular 1980s show Hart to Hart—still in syndication in more than sixty countries around the world (and for which she won four Emmy Award nominations)—Stefanie reveals her personal life with the intimacy of a friendly chat.


The year 2009 was life changing for Stefanie Powers. Two events- a bout with cancer and her mother’s death—led her to reflect on her life and career, from her childhood and early years at the tail end of the Hollywood Star System in the 1960s, her remarkable relationship with William Holden for the last nine years of his turbulent life, and the beginnings with Holden of her lifelong commitment to wildlife conservation, which led to the creation of one preserve in Kenya and on in Central America. Finally there are her travels with her aging mother, to extraordinary places among extraordinary people.


In between, there are loving stories about John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Lana turner, David Niven, Glen Ford, Roger Moore, Rock Hudson, James Garner, Telly Savalas, Michael Douglas, Anthony Hopkins, James Caan, George Hamilton, Lloyd Bridges, and Helen Hayes, as well as numerous other friends and associates, ranging from Ava Gardner and Natalie Woods.


This is a quintessential Hollywood tale of a fascinating life lived within a tapestry of remarkable events and personalities and filled with unconventional pursuits and adventures

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