The Knockout Workout: 3 Winning Steps to Improve Your Body and Your Life

by Mia St. John

The Knockout Workout takes the empowering life lessons Mia has garnered over her 10 year career as one of America's most celebrated female boxers and translates them into an easy-to-follow plan that helps readers attain their ultimate lean, fit body by creating a powerful mind. The Knockout Workout is aimed at total body fitness, transforming mental stamina into health, fitness and personal beauty.

The first of its kind, The Knockout Workout uses tried and true methods practiced by one of the world's leading female athletes to create a ground-breaking plan which strengthens motivation to adapt eating and exercise habits which will leave women feeling not only trimmer and healthier but more empowered. Unlike boxing-inspired programs before it, Mia's personal plan for fitness goes beyond offering basic exercise patterns to use boxing as a metaphor for facing individual challenges, offering tips on how to identify personal demons, eat for strength and train for happiness.

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