Walter Was Worried

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

* 2006 ALA Notable Book
* Child Magazine Best Book, 2005
* IRA Children's Choice Best Book, 2006

With the originality and verve that marked The Hidden Alphabet and Lemons Are Not Red, Laura Vaccaro Seeger once again creates a distinctive concept book for young children and their parents. On the first page, the reader is greeted by the title sequence. Opposite the text is a portrait of a very worried Walter… but wait! The very letters that spell worried form his facial features, as well as his expression! Gradually a simple story unfolds as other characters are introduced, and the sky grows dark, the fog rolls in, lightning strikes and thunder shakes the trees; Priscilla was puzzled, Shirley was shocked, Frederick was frightened - and eventually (when the sun came out) Henry was hopeful and Elliot ecstatic.