Hard Luck and Trouble: A Landlord's Tale

by Gammy Singer

Amos Brown, a smooth-talking man with a rough past, a good heart, and an opportunity to go legit, becomes the unexpected landlord of two Harlem brownstones. This New York neighborhood is brimming with vitality, tarnished glory, and an ever readiness for a fresh start. Just when Amos thinks he’s turned his life around and away from crime, he finds himself running from a drug lord he owes gambling debts to and looking for a bride who has disappeared with everything he owns. But the biggest shock comes when he finds a skeleton in the basement of one of his beloved buildings. He soon finds out it belongs to someone closer to his heart – and farther from his memory – than he ever could have guessed. As he tries to put the pieces of the mysterious discovery together, he learns that he is also putting together the puzzle of his past – and working out his future.