She Who Shops

by Joanne Skerrett

Every girl needs a little black dress and a great pair of shoes…. Weslee Dunster has always been practical side, earning her way through good old-fashioned hard work. With her humble background, she’s no match for the wealthy New Englanders who treat shopping like a contact sport and have never met a friend they didn’t want to trash as soon as her back was turned. Pretty, spoiled party girl Lana Brown is sure all Weslee needs to fit in and become her best friend is a makeover. Caught up in a hectic lifestyle filled with designer clothes, bling, air-kissing, lies and betrayals, Wes is in for the ride of her life - one that could have her crashing and burning… unless she can figure out the rules of the game and how to break them…

“A charming debut.” --Kayla Perrin, author of Gimme an O!

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