The Majority Rules

by Eugene Sullivan

Tim Quinn, a Washington D.C. lawyer on the move, was flattered to be recommended by his friend Harry Winston to a vacancy on the bench caused by the unsavory death of one of the judges. He was also surprised to see how easy his nomination and confirmation turned out to be once Harry had given his approval and pulled more than a few strings.

Now Tim feels he has the chance to make a difference, and perhaps clear a path for an eventual trip to the highest court in the land. But Tim soon realizes that Chief Judge Winston's influence and favors come at a price - not just undue influence from the Executive branch, but partiality towards private concerns as well, including a certain attorney whose cases often come before their bench. Troubled, Tim contacts a former paramour to help him unravel the unseemly entanglements that occur behind the bench. But in doing so, he risks his own status as a judge, his good name, and perhaps even the lives of him and his family - it is sometimes deadly to disagree when The Majority Rules.

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