Shall We Dance

by Judith Lansdowne

When idealistic Eleanor Feebes attempts to rescue a man about to commit suicide, she has no inkling that she will be drawn into Mr. Eliot's desperate search for his missing brother and the lost papers that will enable him to marry his true love, Lady Miranda. Through Mr. Eliot, who is masquerading as a valet, Eleanor meets the inquisitive Earl of Blazingame, and soon the foursome are caught up in a whirl of danger and mystery. Fans of Lansdowne's "Lord Nightingale" series will be eager to read this well-plotted Regency, which sparkles with Lansdowne's trademark humor. The deft interweaving of romance and mystery, a cast of quirky and endearing characters, and two satisfying love stories (with the promise of more) are sure to appeal to readers who like their romance with a twist of fun and suspense. The award-winning author lives in Alabama. Amber Tatnall, York Cty. Technical Coll., Wells, ME

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