A Meal to Die For

by Joseph Gannascoli with Allen C. Kupfer

Benny Lacoco, “the Food Fence”, has a lot of time to think while preparing a ten-course meal for a few old friends. Over dinner, he expects to learn if he’ll be either permanently out of touch or on the outs with some of them. Rumors indicate that someone in their circle may have opted to turn state’s evidence and enter witness protection. Lacoco uses the time in the kitchen to reflect on his own life up to this point and the tentativeness of his own future.

Included with each course (recipe included) is a flashback of his life’s turning points - from heisting Omaha Steaks, to scamming olive oil, to a quite different way of performing a hit.

And always in the back of his mind is the question - will this evening provide him with the just desserts of a life of crime?

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