Confidential Sources

by Barbara Fischkin

Confidential Sources is a satiric romantic comedy about love, marriage, parenting, journalism, foreign correspondents, international intrigue, autism and ice hockey. Ultimately, it's about how two people make a family, despite the distractions of wars at home and abroad. And how, on shakier ground, they maintain romance, too. Confidential Sources also looks at the fine line between fact and fiction. The protagonists are named Barbara Fischkin and Jim Mulvaney, as in real life, but they are fictional alter egos and the book is prominently labeled as a novel. Although Confidential Sources can be read on its own, it is a sequel to Barbara Fischkin's first novel, Exclusive. She is currently working on a book of narrative nonfiction for which she will follow her son Daniel as he continues to battle autism while entering adulthood and the world of work and community living. She is also the author of Muddy Cup: A Dominican Family Comes of Age in a New America.

Early praise for Confidential Sources: "I think this is even better than the last one, by the way. Depth and substance. You pulled it together admirably, with humor and guts. Good going." Peter Eisner, author and Deputy Foreign Editor, Washington Post