Sins & Secrets

by Carolyn Chambers Sanders

In the bestselling tradition of Nikki Turner, this self-published Essence bestseller is about one woman’s determination to get to the top of the game – and stay there.

Candice, Amber and Toi are three young black women who have risen above life on the streets. Successful entrepreneurs, they’re all at the top of their game - but money and success don’t always equal happiness. Candice enters the world of professional sports, where numerous affairs will force her to question herself and what she wants out of life. When an old lover bullies Candice with past indiscretions, she will do anything to keep her previous life a secret. Now, her friends are in trouble, too, as an abusive boyfriend threatens Amber’s well-being and Toi discovers her fiancé’s dark secret. The three soul sisters must evaluate how much of their lives have left the streets, and how much remains…

“A brilliant, sensational novel… sexy as sin.” --Teri Woods, author of True to the Game

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